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Tea Courses in English & Chinese
from Beginner Level to Advanced Level

Curriculum for Beginners

Chinese tea brings huge benefits to your body and it is helpful to your mental well-being. You will have a comprehensive understanding of Chinese tea and be confident to make Gongfu tea upon finishing this beginner-level course.

Session 1

  • Differences between Chinese tea and western tea

  • Name and function of tea ceremony tools

Session 2

  • 6 major types of Chinese tea

  • What is Pu'er tea

Session 3

  • What is Chinese Gongfu style brewing

  • Three key factors of tea-brewing

Session 4

  • Practising Gongfu style tea brewing

  • Get the certificate

* Tea courses in English or Chinese
*  4 sessions of total $300, membership 10% off

* Advanced level tea courses are available.

* Tea courses can be customized

Meet Our Tea Masters

Lillian Li

Born and raised in Beijing and moved to Vancouver in 2016, Lillian is a young talent with a passion to pure teas and tea art. She went to a college specializing in Chinese tea for years to gain a comprehensive understanding of tea. Besides a master degree of public management, she holds Certificate of Tea Tasting, Certificate of Tea Ceremony (both at senior level). She has been doing tea tasting and tea ceremony for over 15 years. She has travelled to more than 40 countries, including major tea-growing regions in southern China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Sri Lanka etc.


Michael Lee Macdonald

As a Canadian tea master with a passion for Chinese tea culture, I have spent over a decade immersing myself in the art of tea. From studying the intricacies of tea preparation to mastering the techniques of teaware repair, my journey has been one of constant learning and growth. In recent years, I have focused on the fascinating world of aged teas, exploring the unique flavor profiles and histories of these rare and prized brews. I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with others, and invite you to join me in discovering the wonders of Chinese tea culture.

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