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Timeline of 2024 Chinese Tea Brewing Contest

Qualifying Round      05/25/2024-08/31/2024 (Anyone can participate in the first round, more info as follow)

Semi-Final                     09/01/2024 (10 contestants, given a sample tea to identify the tea and make a best brew)

Final                                  09/08/2024 (6 contestants, host a 20-minute tea ceremony with the theme "Home" )

Vancouver Tea Expo & Award Ceremony    09/15/2024

Qualifying Round:

  • Participants have a 30-minute session, which includes 10 minutes for preparation and 20 minutes for tea brewing.

  • The 10-minute preparation time includes familiarizing yourself with the environment, preparing the tea set and tea, and calming your mind. 

  • Participants can bring their own tea sets or use the tea sets in Van Cha. Participants will bring their favourite tea, any style is acceptable, but the traditional Chinese Gongfu tea method is preferred. 

  • Participants need to introduce their tea with professional knowledge and brew it at least three rounds for the judges. 

  • If you need to use the tea sets provided by Van Cha, please arrive early to prepare on-site.

  • Results will be announced after the qualifying round (May 25 to August 31, 2024).

  • Photos and videos will be taken during the tea brewing process and may be included in the tea competition highlights.

Application Form -- Book your tea ceremony contest by email or call.     

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