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VAN CHA is committed to creating an elegant and comfortable tea-tasting environment for you.


Green tea is lightly oxidized tea that retains the rich natural compounds in the tea, especially antioxidants.

Jasmine Green | Sichuan

Delicate floral aroma and a smooth,
slightly sweet taste with a hint of



Long Jing | Hangzhou

Subtle grassy flavor with hints of
chestnut and a slightly sweet finish.



Bi Luo Chun | Suzhou

Light, refreshing flavor with hints of
apricot and a subtle, floral finish.





Black tea is completely oxidized tea, so the brown tea leaves appear reddish-brown during processing, hence the name "black tea".

Sun-Dried Black Tea | Yunnan

Delightfully sweet with a caramel and
sweet bean paste taste.


Old Growth Souchong | Wuyi

Light-bodied tea with a heady, piney


Fei Zi Smile | Wuyi

Rich and sweet, the soup is
bright in color and smells like lychee.


Jin Jun Mei | Wuyi

Sweet, fruity, rich, and packed with a
malty chocolate body.


Smoky Souchong | Wuyi

Distinctive smoky aroma and taste
of wood smoke and tobacco.



Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea between green tea and black tea, originating from Fujian, China and Taiwan.

Fresh Oolong | Fenghuang

Fresh and bright, and can manifest
snappy vegetal and sunny-sweet


Ya Shi Xiang | Chaozhou

Sweet floral, creamy, and mineral
notes with an umami finish.


Tie Guan Yin | Anxi

Mellow, sweet, fresh aftertaste and
smells like some orchid flower.


Oriental Beauty | Xinzhu

Fruity, with floral, wild honey, and sweet
with honey-like aroma.


Osmanthus | Anxi

Sweet, creamy, and with a very rich
floral aroma.


Alpha | Taiwan

Grassy and flowery tones, spicy or
toasty aromas with a chocolatey




A fermented tea native to Yunnan Province, China. Its unique manufacturing process allows the tea to age gradually over time, acquiring a unique aged flavor. Pu’er tea is divided into two types: raw Pu’er and cooked Pu’er.

Ban Pen

A little bit bitter start, and a mellow and
sweet aftertaste.


Xi Gui

Bold and robust, with a distinct
smoky flavor, a sweet and floral
aroma, and a long-lasting aftertaste.


Ke Yi Xing

Bold and astringent, with a slightly
bitter and vegetal flavor profile and a
lingering aftertaste.


Bing Dao

A balance of sweetness, bitterness,
and astringency, as well as a unique
cooling sensation on the tongue.


Vintage Ban Zhang 1998

Complex and mellow, with a rich
earthy flavor, a sweet aroma, and a
smooth, velvety texture.



Grassy and flowery tones, spicy or
toasty aromas with a chocolatey


Master Ai’s Tea

High quality and unique flavor
profile, often featuring a balance of
sweetness, bitterness, and complexity.


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