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Treasure your Tea
When some of us catch word of a god cup of tea, our spirits brighten and we hasten to taste of the sweet nectar. The more you meet with good teas the more likely you are to continue to encounter them. When one finds you, greet it with esteem and gratitude. The sentiment will be repaid many fold by the spirit of the tea. By sharing both our tea, and also our personal experience of each tea, we can all benefit more. We can have all the more wholistic appreciation for the art and the leaf. It is often said in tea, that by sharing we can possess so much more. Like batteries mounted in series, my joy is enhanced by yours and vice versa; my wisdom is bolstered by your insights. It is by this process of mutual interaction, of sharing that the culture of tea has been passed — hand to hand and mouth to mouth for millennia. It is a living tradition, a grand bazaar that no books can hope to contain. We encourage you to share your tea, to share of yourself and to discover for yourself what can happen when you give yourself over to this most cherished and finely nuanced of traditional Chinese art forms. An art form which is fast becoming part of the cultural heritage of not only China but of the whole world. Tea may start out as bitter but soon turns sweet. In this way our tea practice can be a model for life. When the clouds part the glorious shining moon is revealed.
‘The Connected Universe’ Vancouver Film Premiere — Erick Smithe presents on the Way of Tea
Dec 5th 2018 Canadian film maker Malcolm Carter presented his work ‘The Connected Universe’ before a highly receptive audience at the Van City Theater. Van Cha was on hand to present a selection of rare teas, and was represented on stage by Erick Smithe, who spoke on how the subject of the film is related to the Chinese Way of Tea. Malcom carter had been pursuing this film project over the past 25 years. The film has since premiered in 49 countries and reached an audience of nearly 2 billion people. The subject of the film deals with the interconnectedness of all people and all things. Principally featured is the work of physicist and researcher Nassim Haramein. His research into quantum physics has produced an equation which confirms what has long been spoken f in mystical traditions the world the world — that we are all in fact one. The film goes on to say that attitudes held by spiritual traditions, which encourage the treatment of others as oneself, as if they were part of ourselves, is reinforced by modern research. It goes on to say that our actions, including words and thoughts have an effect on the physical reality. The world, the universe is in a sense a reflection of us, and we of it. It then behooves us to embody the reality we would most like to see. Our level of conscious awareness is thus the greatest contribution we can make to this world. The film is available through a number of streaming services. The connected universe has truly achieved global connectivity reaching people in 132 countries, released in 5 languages so far. Vancouver’s event was the release party for the Mandarin subtitled version of the film — in anticipation of the release in China. It set the record for being the most heavily supported crowdfunded film ever produced. A campaign which was launched through the site Indiegogo. Tea connects us with nature. Tea is the essence of life, linking heaven and earth. Though human endeavor: picking, preserving, brewing of tea, we are transformed. Tea nourishes the body, steadies the mind and cleanses the spirit. It is peace in a porcelain cup. Tea brings people closer together, warming their bodies as well as their hearts. It encourages a sense of commonality between all those who share of a common pot. Without words, the tea can convey all that words has trouble expressing. What we call the energy of tea is something difficult to quantify, to express. The film helps to put into a formula what those who are devoted to tea have known intrinsically since time immemorial. It is something which is best experienced rather than talked about. For the experience of tea, of quantum, of connection, of tea and Zen as one flavor, come to Van Cha and experience for yourself the wonders which are within this apparently simple drink.


"Very unique place for Tea. Love they have class for beginners and tea fans to learn tea and story behind tea, definitely bring you into a whole new world about tea. Highly recommend to try!"


"I’ve given up tea for a while, but the tea from 1000 year old tea tree at this wonderful tea house has renewed faith in tea again. I highly recommend anyone to try their tea there. You would be lucky if Kiera is your server because she knows tea really well."

Ruli Chia

"Took a break from a conference at the nearby convention center to partake in some tea! It was an amazing experience -- highlight of the trip. Our host, Erick, was great and guided us through a variety of teas ranging from greens to Pu-Erh. In particular, the Pu-Erh 1998 7532 was phenomenal! Thanks for the great experience!"

Luke Metz

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