Black Tea – 50g Old Growth Sun Dried Yunnan Black


Honey, malty sweet notes & thirst-quenching sweetness



Origin: Yunnan, China

Old Growth Tea Trees:  Yunan has the best tea ecological environment in the world. Many tea trees grow vigorously in the wild forest. Some of them are over 100-yrs old. We call them “Old Growth Tea Trees”. Their roots grow deep into the soil, absorbing more minerals from the soil than younger tea trees. Their branches reach into the sky and absorb lots of sunlight. The microbial community in the wild forest has been growing healthy with these tea trees for hundred of years. These old growth tea trees do not require the use of pesticides or fertilizer.

Old Growth Sun Dried Yunnan Black Tea: Van Cha Yunnan black tea is a Dian Hong style black tea. It is went through the sun dried technic instead of machinary, which allows to age the black tea. It is full-bodied and offers a honey and malty flavor with a delicate spiciness. Yunnan Black is widely enjoyed as a breakfast black tea, which can be served with milk and sugar.

Health Benefit: Boost the immune system, improve the health of heart and blood circulation.

Brewing Methods:

Kung Fu Tea Style: 6g tea + 120ml 95 ℃ water, steep 10-20s, repeat 6 steeps

English Tea Style: 6g tea + 250ml 95 ℃ water, steep 1-2min, repeat 2 steeps


Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 24 cm


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