About Us

Van-Cha is a traditional Chinese tea house located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Our goal is to foster a greater appreciation for the ancient culture of tea, while keeping up with modern tastes and trends as well. Chinese tea is a fluid process, one which has evolved over thousands of years. the primary focus in Chinese tea is on tea quality, something which we at Van-Cha take very much to heart. Our passion for sourcing truly exceptional teas, as well as attention to detail in the presentation of them, make us part of a new and rare breed of tea houses in the Western world. A transplant from the mother country as opposed to an imitation.

The process involves tasting multiple infusions of each of the teas, mindfully acquainting oneself with the unique tastes, aroma, rhythm and cadence of each tea. The teas are presented in a specific order in order to provide a range of experience, ideally culminating in a greater understanding as to why fine teas are so highly revered and celebrated in China.

Taking the teas in the traditional Kung fu manner, using small tea pot and cups, allows us to get a cross section of experience with regard to each. Through the series of cups, multiple vignettes of each varietal, we gain a larger and arguably more complete view of what the range of possibility is for each tea.

The experience of fine tea can be vast, expansive and profound. It can also be largely lost on the drinker depending upon how mindfully one approaches the process. We have assembled a selection of tea to be consumed in a single sitting, which acts as a brief survey of the history and culture of Chinese tea. The completion of the tasting may not make one an expert in tea, though one can access the same states for which have produced poems and great works of art since time immemorial.

Paired with complimentary music, incense and light snack, and set in a purpose built environment, the goal is to provide a point of intersection between the timeless in time. Or, as one famous Chinese tea master states, to appreciate tea in the fifth dimension.

Welcome to join VAN CHA at 433 Hornby St. downtown Vancouver. Our new location in West Van at 205 16th St. is going to open in Spring 2019.

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