Treasure your Tea

When some of us catch word of a god cup of tea, our spirits brighten and we hasten to taste of the sweet nectar.

From a tea person’s point of view, every variety of tea has it’s merit — when speaking of the best examples. Though we also have our personal favorites. Some preferences are owing to the individual’s body type, constitution, state of mind, and past experience with tea. We often associate certain teas with particular times in our lives — either celebratory or conciliatory. Tea brings us back to ourselves and allows us to cherish the passing of time and not to fear it.

When you meet with a good tea you will feel overjoyed. Missing out on a great tea can leave a tea person forlorn. In meeting with a good tea there is great reverence and respect. It is said that the tea waits for just the right moment and just the right person to give itself over to. The more regard we have for a tea, the more it seems to present itself — unfurling its wondrous aromas and tip of your tongue taste profiles.

Drinking tea is a feast for the senses, a ritual which engages body, mind and spirit. When drinking tea alone we appreciate the tea and roll it over in the mind and the belly; though we often feel something is missing. Sharing tea with others is the ultimate pleasure in tea culture. The feeling of the tea session is thus more profound and heartfelt. The mellow of a good tea lingers long after the table is cleared, the pots emptied and the chairs straightened. There is surely no tea party that does not end, though the memory of a great session shared with like-hearted friends will leave a lasting impression on the mirror of the mind.

The more you meet with good teas the more likely you are to continue to encounter them. When one finds you, greet it with esteem and gratitude. The sentiment will be repaid many fold by the spirit of the tea.

By sharing both our tea, and also our personal experience of each tea, we can all benefit more. We can have all the more wholistic appreciation for the art and the leaf. It is often said in tea, that by sharing we can possess so much more. Like batteries mounted in series, my joy is enhanced by yours and vice versa; my wisdom is bolstered by your insights.

It is by this process of mutual interaction, of sharing that the culture of tea has been passed — hand to hand and mouth to mouth for millennia. It is a living tradition, a grand bazaar that no books can hope to contain.

We encourage you to share your tea, to share of yourself and to discover for yourself what can happen when you give yourself over to this most cherished and finely nuanced of traditional Chinese art forms. An art form which is fast becoming part of the cultural heritage of not only China but of the whole world.

Tea may start out as bitter but soon turns sweet. In this way our tea practice can be a model for life. When the clouds part the glorious shining moon is revealed.


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